ASSMPI Spirit and Science Journal

Bringing Standards Back To Afterlife Research and Paranormal Phenomena, Published Quarterly Online and In Print

Afterlife Research

The ASSMPI is dedicated to providing quality research into the afterlife based on a delicate balance between science and spirit.

Current Research

Find out about current research and apply to take part in research projects.


Historical Research

Read about other historical research into the afterlife and associated practices.

Paranormal Research

Current Paranormal research projects dealing with paranormal anomalies or alternative theories.

First Printed ASSJ Coming Very Soon

We are delighted to announce that we are in production of our first printed Afterlife Science Journal. Each Issue will deal with many different aspects of the afterlife and the paranormal The Journal is for professional researchers in afterlife science and paranormal subject matter but is different from many other types of scientific journals. We are delighted to be moving forward with this and to be bringing substantive reports on all aspects of afterlife research and other avenues of paranormal science. The journal will be printed only 2 times per year but will also have an online membership subscription that will have many other research papers and articles. We hope to be announcing the first print run very soon.

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